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     We recognized in 1995 that small organizations were being left behind in the information age - professional consulting too expensive, low-cost 'consultants' not qualified, programmers who know little about managing business, ....

   We decided to meet the need for consulting services in the small business community that large consulting firms wouldn't or couldn't address. Our consulting approach is designed to allow us to provide low-cost, as-needed, management and information technology assistance to small and mid-sized business and non-profit organizations.

   Our focus is to help your organization get the most and best - at the lowest possible cost - from the power of technology and the global reach of the Internet. We are business people, with extensive experience and formal education in both business management and information technology. Basically, as consultants, we enable you to 'rent' our expertise in both fields.

   Mercury specializes in several areas of information technology that directly address the most common needs of small and mid sized organizations - Database Design, Internet Presence Design, Business Process Analysis and Custom Software Development.
Additionally, we have extensive experience in applying Project Management techniques that enable us to ensure our work will be done on-time, exceed your expectations and be cost effective.

   When you are ready to get the most from your business processes, information technology and the Internet - contact us directly,
or contact our Marketing Representative for the Minnesota area, The NT Group
    Consultant Qualifications

The Mercury Logo
Those of you who are familiar with mythology will recognize Mercury as the Roman messenger god - the Conveyor of Information.
Lesser known is that Mercury was also the Roman god of Business and Commerce.

It seemed appropriate to use the Mercury image to represent what we do - provide the integration of Information Technology with Business.

MBS Founder and Primary Consultant...

sjc ---
Shayne J. Cook

MBA, MMgt (Univ. of Mary)
MS, Information Processing and Communication (MSU-B)
BSBA, Information Systems, Computer Science minor
Brief Résumé
Most recently ...
   Over 25 years business information systems consulting experience including software/hardware/systems development on Internet, PC and networked PC based systems in a variety of business areas - for several firms in California, Minnesota and Montana.
   Eight years Management/Information Systems/Computer Science faculty and adjunct faculty positions at Little Big Horn College, Rocky Mountain College, Montana State University-Billings and the University of Mary - teaching a variety of management and MIS courses, from project management to economics to programming and information systems, to advanced database design and management.

A little earlier ...
   Eleven years (1981 to 1992) as Systems Engineer with Litton Applied Technology/Dalmo Victor - developing digital electronic warfare systems (fuzz-busters for jets.)
   The systems engineering work included project management, threat parameter analysis, feasibility studies, top level and sub-system design, test plan development, design of digital and microwave receiver systems and computer augmented avionics test systems. Our primary customer was the U.S. Air Force, but we also built systems and software for several NATO Air Forces as well as the Swiss and Israeli Air Forces.

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