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IT System Support and Training ...

  Support ...

   If you've ever had your computer system "crash" or if you've ever gotten a computer virus, you understand how important it is to have someone to call that can get your system back up and running.
   Mercury can help if you have a problem - and in most cases, we can recommend or make adjustments/changes to your system that will preclude the problems from coming back.

Training ...

   Ever wished you or your employees knew a little more about how to use computers, software and the Internet?
   Our primary consultant has provided training for people from focused one-on-one, two hour seminars, to teaching under-graduate and graduate level college courses. We can show you how to use features of your word processor or spreadsheet you never knew existed, or provide complete courses in management information systems and project management - or anything in between.

Have some questions on what PC or Network or Software to purchase?

   Mercury can help.
The first question we're going to ask you is, "What do you intend to use it for?"
Once both of us understand the answer to that question, we can specify ...
  • Processor, Storage capacity, Memory and other hardware features,
  • Operating system, Application Software (bookkeeping/accounting, spreadsheet, etc.)
  • ... other required features,
... that will serve your purposes. We can also provide setup, training, and optimization on your systems - new or existing.


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